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Vinyl, Reel, and Tape Collection & Reference
 (Update: 18th. December 2022)

go"Across the Universe"--Frank's meagre Beatles page
(English) This is great Information site about the Capitol albums, US Apple records, US picture sleeves, Vee Jay and Swan records releases, Tony Sheridan releases, all US tape formats, as well as records from England, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, and other countries vinyl Collection & reference guide.

go "TheBeatles-Collection.com"
(English) This is a private records collection of The Beatles. The owner of this collection is sure that this site will provide lots of useful information for people interested in collecting of Beatles vinyl.
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go "The Beatles"--Mr. Luc Porte's Beatles page
(English) Many record collection website from the Beatles. Since 1972 He is collecting Beatles records, solely from Europe.On this site you can see his personal singles and EP collection. Amongst them you will find many rarities.

go "Records Around The World"
Acetates, 78 r.p.ms, Singles, Extended-plays and Long-Plays, in their chronological releases up to 1970
A trip over the sleeves and labels of all Beatles records around the world.
The British releases are in orange and always opens the months when were released.

(English) "I can't show you all the picture sleeves anymore because the Dutch author Azing Moltmaker and myself start a series of books about the Beatles discographies.
These books will illustrate every Beatles discography around the world in more than 50 countries."


go "The Complete Beatles U.K. Discography"
(English) The Complete Beatles U.K. Discography ... with an Amazing 72 Different Indexes. Beatles Books - Publishing Information, Liner Notes, and Review. Beatles Bootlegs - Including Sleeve Scans, Full Track Listings and Information....

go "The Beatles-Levyhylly"
In this blog, I list The Beatles vinyls and other products from my own record shelf. Targeted collecting ended in November 2020. Nowadays, therefore, it is rather based on feeling and mostly novelties or new publications. All kinds of things that were missed when hunting for originals.

go "Worldwide Apple Records discography"
(English) The aim of this website is to present a complete worldwide discography of every record issued on the Apple, Dark Horse or Ring O'Records label with every possible label and/or cover variation.
go "THE BEATLE SOURCE" --Mr.Chazz Avery
(English) The focus of this site is acetates and tapes circa 1957-1970 (there are a few exceptions). I have tried to provide as much information about as many known acetates that I can find. In addition, you will find info on various E.M.I. master reel tapes (certainly, the holy grail of recordings), other rare tapes, test pressings, and other odds and ends.
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go "Fab4 Collectibles" --Mr. Thomas Vanghele
(English) My company, Fab4 Collectibles, has been online for 17 years, and during that time, I have developed a well regarded reputation for specializing solely in the highest quality Beatles records, memorabilia, & authentic autographs.
go "LondonJazzCollector"  US pressing plant stamps and other identifiers
(English) This overview is primarily about vinyl pressing plants in the f50s and f60s which were significant players in the manufacture of jazz records. (Beatles, Northern Soul, Rock and other genres are amply covered by other collecting authorities)

go "The German export pressings of the Beatles for Switzerland"
The main reason why the Swiss pressings are so famous these days is that the book and record club EX LIBRIS, a division of Migros, sold many records and sleeves with alternative covers, numbers and labels. The records were cheaper than in the record store and therefore intended more for the tight purse.

go"Welcome to 45-sleeves.com" --Mr. Erling Mehl 
(English) UK, US & OZ 45 RPM record labels and their company sleeves. A guide to find  the correct sleeves for your 45 RPM singles.These pages was born when a confused collector had great problems with matching sleeves to labels.
The site is an effort to create a cronological overview of labels and their sleeves. The research has been pretty time-consuming, but most of the problems seems possible to solve with help from the users of the site.
go "45cat - Vinyl Database"
(English) Welcome to 45cat, an online archive dedicated to the magic of the vinyl seven inch single.
Discuss, rate, research or simply admire some of the 82,232 UK released records we have on our database so far, or help add some more.
go"Songs, Pictures and Stories of The Beatles"
(English) Here you will find "songs, pictures and stories" of some of the rarest and most unique Beatles collectibles to turn up in the marketplace. Assembled from the archives of some of the largest and rarest Beatles collections in the world, and with the assistance of many long-time and noted Beatles experts, this site features everything from original records and picture sleeves to memorabilia, documents, autographs, original artwork, alternate covers, unpublished photos, and much more.

go"Dave Dermon III's Beatles Singles Pages"--Mr. Dave Dermon III's page
(English) Showcasing the many label variations used on U.S. Beatle & Solo Singles from 1963 to Today now with an assortment of non-U.S. singles.

go"Introducing... THE BEATLES: A Comprehensive Discography & Price Guide for VJLP-1062"
(English) A Comprehensive Discography & Price Guide for VJLP-1062

go"Rate Your Music"
(English) Rate Your Music (RYM) is an international metadata database where musical albums, EPs, singles, videos and bootlegs (collectively referred to as "releases") are added, rated, and reviewed by users.

go "7 inch Records"--Mr.Samuel Cooman
(English) Many record collection and information website from the Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys, The Who, and more groups.

go "Select 45 R.P.M."
(English) Select45rpm is a UK based Record Sales site. We sell Original 7" 45s by Mail Order.
 We sell Original Vinyl 45rpm records, we do not sell LPs or CDs. We do not sell bootleg CD-R copies of any of our records as you can find on other sites.

go "Virtua Beatles Music"
Virtua Beatles Music is a virtual museum that will take you to the heart of the Beatles' work, through their discography around the world!
The Beatles original french discography.
go "The B Taro's Home Page" --Mr. Yoshiki Sega
(Japanese/English) UK, US (MFSL), German and Japanese Vinyl Collection & Reference Guide.

(Japanese) This is great Information site about the Beatles' Japanese pressings!

go"The Beatles Australia Album Labelography - I Am The Platypus" --Mr. Drummond Grieve
(English) Welcome to the Beatles Australia L.P. labelography, an online resource devoted exclusively to the various label styles (and variations therein), that adorned Beatles L(ong) P(laying) vinyl records marketed in Australia. Although by no means a definitive resource (yet), this site hopes to increase awareness and appreciation of the unique aspects of Australian Beatles album pressings.

go"The Capitol 6000 website" --Mr. Piers Alexander Hemmingsen & Mr. Serge Pelletier
(English) This web site has been launched to serve as a portal for the collection and dissemination of all information relating to the Capitol of Canada "6000" series of LP records as well as for related information and has been expanded to include other interesting Canadian labels from the 1960s.
They have a whole site dedicated to Canadian Capitol discographies and a whole section only on Beatles (very detailed).

go"The Bealtes On Vinyl" --Mr. Valentin Isaikin, Mr. Vadim Legkokonets and Mr. Andrey Lukanin
(English and Russian) "We strongly hope that our "picked team of the former USSR" ? Russia, Ukraine, Latvia ? with the help of Beatlefans from our and other countries for time will virtually get BACK IN THE USSR and will be able to compile and show all the world the fullest collection of variations of the Soviet and Russian vinyl editions (and also editions from other republics of the former Soviet Union) on The Beatles theme. (from their homepage)"

go"The Beatles in Belgium"
This website is based on the book eBeatles in Belgiume (sold out). With the help of many collectors it was possible to start this project in 2008. Click on the sidebar and discover the Belgian Beatles & solo Beatles collection.
go"The Belgian Beatles Society"
(English) The Belgian Beatles Society, a non-profit organisation, was founded in March 2002.
The Society is first and foremost a virtual organisation, a flexible platform of ideas, at the heart of which is the Society's website.Its Mission is to promote the Beatles culture in Belgium to anyone and everyone who has a passion for high quality popular music.To achieve this, the Belgian Beatles Society develops its own activities, as well as seeks partnerships with other high-level initiatives in connection with The Beatles and their work.

go "The Beatles Help! in the world"--Mr.Ferran Vallejo
(English) You can see many album cover photo variations of "Help!" and Beatles' Laser Disc.

go "Seventies Sevens -A Site for seven-inch Record Labels of the 1970's"--Matrix numbers and other run-off markings
(English)The various numbers and markings which are generally be found in between the spirals of a record's run-off groove can be a help in identifying which company made that pressing.

go "Beatles Ultimate Experience: The Beatles Interviews Database"
(English) It began when it was realized that the internet had very few accurate, original interviews of the Beatles to offer.
The best sources are the original audio and video materials and the original newspaper and magazine issues -- That is what is used by this website, and more is on the way. (from his homepage)

go The Directory of Everything Reel to Reel "Past, Present & Future"
(English) " Harrison Catalogs of Recorded Reel to Reel Tapes 1956-1976" Lists of virtually all the prerecorded tapes manufactured during this 20 year period. "Ampex Catalogs of Pre-recorded Reel to Reel Tapes 1965-1975" Lists of virtually all the prerecorded tapes manufactured during this 10 year period.

The Beatles on  US tape formats. (Reel to reel, 8-track, 4-track, cassette tapes, playtape..)
reel reel reel reelreel

go "Beatles Sheet Music - U.K."
U.K. Reference Guide of Sheet Music

go"BeatlesCollecting.co.uk Your Online Guide to UK Beatles Vinyl!" --Mike Harbidge and Andrew Pace (Closed)
(English) This website is a goldmine of information to the Beatles record collector, both new and professional. You'll find everything you'll ever need to know about identifying original presses, mispresses, errors, rarities and other items of significance!

(Japanese) His many Japanese Vinyl & CD Collection & Reference Guide.

go"Without The Beatles"--Mr.Takasi Watanabe (Closed)
(English) Japanese pressing solo Beatle & Apple label single records, and new CDs release from Nishi-Shinjuku,Tokyo...etc.
But some pages are under construction.

go "THE BEATLES-1.com" --Mr.Tamachi (Closed)
(Japanese) This is great collector's page. UK Vinyl Collection & Reference Guide. This is a private records collection of The Beatles. The owner of this collection is sure that this site will provide lots of useful information for people interested in collecting of Beatles vinyl.

go"Cranberry Sauce Resources --SPANIARDS IN THE WORKS " (Closed)
(Japanese/English/en espa?ol) Discography of Spanish Beatles' albums.

go "The Beatles in Sweden --A Swedish Discography" --Mr. Lasse Bengtsson (Closed)
(English) Here you can find facts about The Beatles tours & visits in Sweden and also a Swedish discography
+ a little of everything concerning The Beatles that's connected to Sweden in one way or another.