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Parlophone Label: Singles


Parlophone began issuing 7" singles early on, in January 1953 - the first 7" records had appeared in 1952, on His Master's Voice.  Until late in 1953 the singles had large spindle holes, and came with adaptors enabling them to be played on machines with small spindles.  By November of that year push-out centers made their debut. The main 7" Parlophone label was mauve with gold printing until May 1957, when the gold turned to silver. At some point between February and June 1958 the mauve colour was replaced by red, though the design remained the same. This silver-on-red label lasted until early 1963, when a black label with a changed design was adopted.  Minor changes followed: the 'Sold in U.K.' legend under the spindle hole appeared in 1964 and disappeared between June and August 1969; while from early in 1972 the EMI logo could be found at the bottom of the label.

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