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At that time there were license pressings for the "German Record Club". for the "Bertelsmann Club", which still exists today (disguised as a "Club Center"), the "German Book Association" and the "B├╝chergilde Gutenberg" (both have been taken over by the Bertelsmann Club).
These license presses usually differ from the regular editions in that folding covers have been replaced by simple covers, the artwork was different and sometimes the title combinations have been changed slightly.
In addition, the circulation was correspondingly smaller, which also explains why Beatles club editions are so popular with collectors.
This was an incentive until the early 1970s, when records were still subject to fixed prices in retail. The club editions were mostly available between 15 and 17 marks, while the regular LPs were mostly offered between 19 and 21 marks. But you had to be a club member, i.e. Buy at least one book or LP in a certain period of time (purchase obligation).
Book club expanded into a record club that released special editions of records which could be purchased with club coupons. In the public shops non-members could buy their records with cash. Reportedly their records sold well - at lower prices than regular editions.

(*)Record (Book) Club: An organization that sells selected audio recordings to members or subscribers, often from a mail-order catalog.

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