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The Beatles met Tony Sheridan during their first Hamburg trip in 1960, though they didn't perform together. The next year, however, saw them alternating with Sheridan's band, and occasionally backing him. Following one of these performances, a friend of orchestral leader Bert Kaempfert - also an agent for the Polydor label - recommended them for a recording session.
The sessions took place on 22-23 June 1961 on a stage at Hamburg's Friedrich-Ebert-Halle school, and on 24 June 1961 at Studio Rahlstedt. The Beatles' fee was 300 marks.
On 24 May 1962 a fourth and final day of recording with The Beatles took place, again at Studio Rahlstedt, in which versions Sweet Georgia Brown and Swanee River were taped. Swanee River was later lost.

My Bonnie
Let's Do The Madison...
The Beatles' First!
The Best Of Tony Sheridan
In The Beginning
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(LPHM 46612 / SLPHM 237112) (LPHM 46612 / SLPHM 237112) (LPHM 46432 / SLPHM 237632) (LPHM 46440 / SLPHM 237640)
(LPHM 464232 / SLPHM 237632)

Let's Do The Twist... Die Große Star Parade 1964 Vol.1 Die Große Star Parade 1964 Vol.2 Die Spitzenreiter 1964
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(LPHM 46 422 / SLPHM 237 622) (LPHM 46849 / SLPHM 237349) (LPHM 46868 / SLPHM 237368) (HPM 47016 / SLPHM 237316)

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