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sleeve Ex Libris was founded in 1947 as a book club when it acquired the remaining stocks of the German Book Association in Switzerland.
Under the leadership of Elsa Gasser, the range was expanded significantly. By 1955, the number of members had increased almost twelve-fold to 65,000.
At Gasser's suggestion, Ex Libris began selling music in 1952. At the same time, the era of vinyl records began, which replaced the fragile shellac record. In the first phase, the original plates from England, France and the USA were put in cases produced by Ex Libris.
At first, the offer only included classical music in order to meet a high standard of culture. Over time, selected records with entertainment and dance music were added, later jazz and pop - mostly with their own record sleeves.
The club editions were divided into different groups depending on the record label. Roughly speaking, four different types can be identified: the group with the 20,000 numbers, the group with the 570000 numbers, the group with a 9 in front of the number and the rest of the group. The Club Editions Ex Libris can also be identified by the "3.90" price sticker. At that time no record store sold the records so cheaply.
(from Wikipedia)

No Reply /
Eight Days A Week
Rock And Roll Music /
I'm A Loser
Ticket To Ride /
Yes It Is
Help! / I'm Down
Act Naturally / Yesterday
jacket jacket jacket jacket jacket
(O 922 893)

(O 922 915) (O 922 950) (O 923 023) (O 923 031)
Michelle / Girl
Nowhere Man /
What Goes On
Paperback Writer / Rain
Yellow Submarine /
Eleanor Rigby
Strawberry Fields Forever /
Penny Lane
jacket jacket jacket jacket jacket
(O 923 152)

(O 923 171) (O 923 210) (O 923 280) (O 923 436)

We can Work It Out /
Day Tripper


imported from U.K.
and exported for Swiss


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